Friday, March 6, 2009

When the kids get the camera...

I was sick all last week, and I barely remember's just a blur of throbbing, dripping, coughing, yuckiness. I am finally feeling better and it is already the end of another week. As I have dug us out from the catastrophe that is our home, I am finding some real gems. The following is what happens when mom is too sick to notice and the kids find the camara:

Hhmm....could be one of two culprits.....

Okay, now I know who the mystery camera man is. I think this was supposed to be a self portrait. I will have to teach him about things we don't photograph, like that box of hair color for mommy's naturally chestnut brown hair....

I'm still trying to figure this whole picture of a mirror in a mirror perspective. I think the boy on the left is the original reflection of him as he takes a picture of himself in the mirror and the boy on the right is the reflection of that image reflected again in the other mirror on the opposite side of the bathroom....make sense?

And so this pic must have snapped as he was getting down from that position and he got his daddy's sink that he was standing on....

I just found this so funny when I found it, hope you enjoyed it, too.


  1. I'm so sorry you've been sick! Ugh! So glad your better.

    Those pictures are FABULOUS! =)

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing, the pics were great.

  3. Yuck to being sick. I hope you feel all better soon so you can teach your lil guy how to take pictures without showing us your secrets hehe.

  4. Sorry you were sick, that sucks.

    Great pics! I love the one in the mirror!

  5. i just got attacked myself - nasty! glad you're better, lookin forward to your meal plan :)

  6. LOL...looks like a budding photographer there!!! For the mirror in a mirror pic, ask him what he was going for...maybe you just aren't seeing it through his

  7. Ok, these are pretty stinkin' funny. I love downloading my 9 year old camera and seeing the world through his eyes. Precious!

  8. Drats...used the wrong account. (Tammy from Greek GRITS up there)

  9. Sorry to hear that you have been sick...hopefully you are much better now! My daughter is the camera thief in the house (along with the candy thief...scissors thief...etc.). Sometimes it is just too cute to get upset over though!

    Those are some pretty cool pictures I like the reflections!