Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Thank-you's to our family!

What a generous, loving family we have, near and far.  The kids would like to say thank-you for their fantabulous Christmas gifts...

Aunt Sue, we so appreciate your generous check.  We took the kid to Build-a-Bear Workshop where they make their own friends.  Funny, none of the made a bear, but we are a family of originals, aren't we?  Each friend has the perfect heart, hand picked by the children, inside it.  We rubbed the hearts to make them warm, kissed them to make them loving, touched them to our shoulders so we could always lean on our new friend, touched them to our backs so our new friend would always have our backs and touched them to our forehead so they would be smart, too!  We love you, Aunt Sue.

Auntie Carol,
First, we are so thankful you are feeling better.  You are continually in our prayers.  We loved our "mystery  box",  should have known immediately such thoughtful gifts were from you.  Love to Patty!

Dear Beloved Curry Family,
We miss you so very much!  We think of you every time we read our new books, thanks so much!

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