Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teeny tiny juice glasses...okay, I get it now.

I never really knew why juice glasses were so tiny.  I remember being told something about juice being rare, a treat or something like that, back in the day....That was only part of the story.  Here is the real reason:  It takes SO MANY oranges to get just a little bit of juice!!  The cups have to be small, or poor mom's would never leave the kitchen.  

Part of our plan to encourage healthy eating habits includes getting rid of purchased juice.  My 3 could (and did) consume a whole big jug of OJ in a day if I let them.  Little bellies filled with so much juice that they slosh when they walk don't have any room for good food...but there is always room for chocolate, how does that work?  Anyway, we now must start with real fruit and juice it ourselves if we want juice.  I truly didn't realize how much fun this would be.  And the kids are so thrilled to drink that precious nectar that they relish their tiny cup with great gusto.

I tried sneaking in veggies using the big juicer, but that didn't work so well.  Now, Jackson patiently tells me everytime, "Mom, I want fresh orange juice, cold, with nothing in it." ;-)  So we save the fancy veggie juicing for Mommy & Daddy, LOL, and boy are the kids game to to put anything in it if they know they won't have to drink day....     

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  1. Good job trying to sneak in veggies ;o) Too bad they had to notice