Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pita Bread!

I'm so excited!....of course, I'm a big geek...but wow!  I made warm, pillow soft, delicious pita bread!!  And what's more, Big Daddy and the kiddos crowned me Queen of the Kitchen and gobbled it all up.  

I love baking bread.  There is something so uplifting about it.  It smells absolutely delish and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  Not to mention the warm fuzzies I get when my loved ones take a piece of my warm, fresh baked goodness and smile from ear to ear with every bite.  Can't beat that with a stick.       


  1. Very nice! My husband is the bread maker in more ways than one ;o) I don't have the patience to bake so I'm glad he loves it. He made 4 loaves of bread a bit over a week ago and we gobbled it all up! He told me he will be making more this weekend. It is the BEST bread ever! I was so proud of him!

  2. I saw your pics of those loaves AND the bagels! Lucky you to have an awesome man who bakes to boot!!

  3. Ack! Gah! Where's the recipe? Those look delicious! =)