Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to Basics, hello again FlyLady!

Do you like my shiny sink?

We have 2 sweet new additions to our household on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I am babysitting a 19 m/o, we will call him "L" and a 4 y/o, who we will call "A". We love them already and they are a welcome addition to our little family.

All the extra activity has served to remind me how valuable my trusty Control Journal is. All my lists broken down by time of day, day, week, and month. I had strayed from it, just winging it instead, then I tried some other list programs, but I am now back to my original plan that works so well for me. FlyLady is an awesome system, check it out if you need help getting on top of clutter and/or setting up workable routines for your family so your household runs smoothly, giving you more time to enjoy your family.

As an accountability thing for me, I decided to post my lists on here. I am going to blog everyday this week and fess up to what I actually accomplished. My lists are over there on the right ----->

Today, I had it a little easy, because much of my home blessing tasks were done yesterday :-). But I still haven't cleaned the glass & mirrors or windowsills yet...I'm getting up right now to do that!!

In addition to the home blessing, here is the rest of my list for today:

Make homemade sourdough starter(DONE)
Bake rye bread (DONE)
Make up kitchen cleaner solution
Make up all-purpose cleaner solution
Extra laundry loads

As you can see, I still have much to do today! Thankfully, the pork is in the crockpot simmering away in teriyaki, ginger & garlic and all I need to do is throw in the broccoli & water chestnuts and cook the rice, easy-peasy. So off I go, on to the cleaning and playing in the kitchen, woo hoo!

I love my job! Really. I mean it. I really love what I do.


  1. I love hearing about how much you love your life :o) Yay for babysitting 2 new kiddos! Have fun with them!

  2. :-) Yay is right, they are awesome. I had been praying for children to care for and their mom was praying to find some to watch her children, I just love how God works.