Monday, February 2, 2009

Tuesday is Zone Kick-off Day

I love zone cleaning. Read what FlyLady has to say about it HERE. For me, having the zones all laid out gives me a goal for each week that I can just tackle instead of adding the growing mess to an illusive to-do list in my head that quickly overwhelms me and never gets tackled....ever feel that way?

So, this week is Zone 1: The Front of my House (Front Porch, Foyer, 2 Closets, The Kids' 2 bedrooms & bath) Here is how my list breaks down:

Front Porch
Sweep down spiders & webs
Sweep brick
Add a welcoming touch
Clean door, glass & trim

Clean cobwebs
Clean door, glass & frame
Wipe down baseboards
Wipe down switch plates & wall
Wipe down tile floor
Straighten shoe basket
Wash throw rug
Dust pictures
Straighten game closet

Scrub floor
Straighten medicine cabinet
Clean tub & tile wall
Clean bath toys
Clean behind toilet
Wipe down cabinet inside & out
Wipe down baseboards
Wipe down door & frame
Wash towels, put out new on rack
Straighten linen closet

Both Bedrooms
Dust & polish furniture
Clean cobwebs
Wipe down blinds
Clean windows
Clean under beds
Clean out closets
Put away stray items
Sort our-grown clothes into donation box
Vacuum under beds/in closets
Wipe down baseboards
Clean fingerprints/crayon off doors/walls
Straighten book shelves

I have the whole rest of the week to knock away at this list. None of it takes very long when done one thing at a time. I will post before & after pictures as I go along....


  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of stuff to do.

    But I guess once you get started the list will start to get shorter pretty quickly. You are one organized lady!

  2. It only looks that way if you squint with your left eye and hop on one foot, lol. I have to keep up with lots of little hands & feet making oh so many messes. I'm just keeping a path cleared!

  3. Hello! I just popped in from the FlyLady Group on FaceBook. I'm loving your blog!