Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fly Report - Hot Spot Alert!

This is the top of my fridge. In FlyLady speak, this is a hotspot.

*sheepish grin*

This spot is on fire, actually. I rarely clean it off. So I am using you good people in bloggy world to shame me into pulling out the stool, fighting off several children who want to climb the stool with me, and getting up there and cleaning the stinking top of the fridge.

I promise. But not right now....

You want to see it upclose? Okay, here ya go:

What is all that stuff, you ask? Well...

a dvd book of kids movies
a pack of chalk (confiscated for misuse)
tape (the only place R can't find it and try to tape the whole house)
a cute little baseball bat hook thing that the boys keep taking off their wall and bopping each other with
valentines crafts & candies
the whole door shelf thingy from my freezer door that hold batteries that I can't figure out how to get back on
a dog leash
a flash light
a plastic candy cane (confiscated)
a few random game pieces (probably confiscated)

It probably took me longer to write this post than it would have to just clean it off.....


  1. Hahaha! Dont feel bad! I just cleaned mine off yesterday. Between gagging on 2" of dust and almost falling off the stepladder, I actually got it cleaned.

    The fridge culprit in our family is my husband, immediately followed by my friend Suzanne. Yes, you heard me right. I cant see up there so I dont put stuff up there. But it doesnt seem to bother hubby that he puts stuff up there and forgets about it. As for Suzanne, she can see up there, but it IS my house so she puts it up there until they go... and then forgets when it is time to leave... and I cant see it so I cant remind her. I might need to add a Suzanne basket to the group of baskets the kids have, huh? LOL

  2. That does make me feel better, Anne! My sister tends to leave her stuff behind, too, a basket just for her on our landing zone would be if we only had a landing zone my the front door...(we enter from the garage) You've just given me my next project! Thanks Anne!

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