Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morning Devotions

I dearly love our morning devotions. My children love them, too. Here is an excerpt from this morning:

Me: Let's talk about how to pray. God would love us to make a habit of talking to Him everyday. Can you tell me what a habit is?

Them: Something you do all the time!

It's going well, huh?

Me: I have a habit of talking to God the very first thing when I wake up and then I keep talking to him all day long. How about you all? Do you have a habit of talking to God?

Them: Well, what if you can't think of any good stuff to ask for?

Me: Well, then you can thank Him for good things you already have, or ask Him for help if you need it.

Them:What if God gets into a battle with a big giant that is bigger than God?

Me: Nothing is bigger than our God.

Them: What if the giant stomps on my head?

Me:That would hurt.

Them: What if a monkey jumped on your head?....Yeah, like those cavemen!"

What kind of cavemen? The kind of people that live in areas where there are caves to live in or the silly monkey men you see on TV?

Them: Giggles all around and lots of ooh-ohh-aah-aah's, the silly monkey men!! Like when there were dinasaurs on the land! More giggles...

Me: Well those aren't real. Some people think we came from monkeys. Isn't that silly?

Them: More giggles and monkey noises...

Me: Did God create us as monkeys first?

Them: NO!

Me: Who were the 1st people?

Them: Adam and Eve!

Me: Not monkeys?

Them: NO! giggles...

Me: If anyone ever tries to tell you that we evolved from monkeys, even if they are an authority, they are not correct. They think they are, but they just don't know the truth. You know the truth. We find all truth in here, God's word, the bible. If you ever have a question, you will find the answers in here.

Them: Like the answer to a really hard math problem?

Me: Um....let's pray.

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  1. Haha that was great!

    "What if God gets into a battle with a big giant that is bigger than God?" That cracked me up! Totally the way I thought when I was little.

    The ending was the funniest. God never helped me with math problems so if He helps your kids I'm gonna have to have a talking with Him ;o)

    Your kids are cute by the way :o)

  2. This is so sweet and cute - and I love the idea of having a devotional time each morning - do you go through anything specific or just talk about whatever?

  3. Hi Becca!

    I just use the Adventurer Bible for Young Readers it has wonderful helps that get the conversations started and we roll from there.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Love the morning devotionals, we will have to start that soon. My son loves prayer time before bed so morning devotions seems like the next step!

  5. Kids are so much fun! Sounds like you have a great relationship with yours! It's very inspiring to read your blog, you're a great Mom!

  6. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Love this post. I love seeing God through kid's eyes. They make God so much more fun than we do :)

  8. Thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful Mum. Gosh I should do it more with Grace but I only seem to do it once a week, sometimes 2 weeks. I really need to get on top of that...