Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Our little monkey...

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  1. Your little monkey is adorable! I loved to climb trees when I was that age!

    Welcome to WW! My first week was last week and I love it so far. You might want to repost your link, because you left the .com off your address.

  2. Great picture!!! Ahhh, the days of climbing trees and just being a kid. I can't wait to have kids :o)

  3. that tree looks perfect for climbing!

    happy ww!

  4. That is such a nice photo! I can remember climbing trees as a kid and you have this memory on film for him. I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine today. Also, I'm now a follower. I want to look over your daily routine again- it reminds me of flylady- need to get back on this. Life is a little crazy my way!
    Take Care!
    God's Shining Stars
    Creative and Curious Kids!