Sunday, February 8, 2009

Haircuts at Home

Aahh, the Mom Cut. The time has come for my beloved kiddo's to take their places in the long line of shaggily shorn children. I must admit, I gave T his first trim at about 3 weeks. But he had a head full of crazy black hair and I couldn't help myself! I later gave in and took my littles to the barber for their buzz haircuts. Those days are over. We went a long time without any haircuts. That is what happens when your pair a crunchy mama with a preppy daddy and hairstyle preferences are all over the spectrum. I love little boys with beautiful flowing hair and Daddy prefers to leave that to the girls and keep his boys high and tight.

*sigh*... So we let the boys decide. One wants short, preppy hair and one wants longer, hip dude hair. Perfect! One for each of us.

So off we went to the local family hair salon. The boys looked at the pictures in the books and picked out what they wanted, well, after a little coaching from me...I draw the line at blow-drying and gelling their hair each morning. Good grief, I'm lucky to get them dressed and sort of brushed in the morning. But they had their pictures picked out to show the stylist and they each sat down.

I spent a pleasant 20 minutes reading a magazine which never happens, so I was enjoying myself. Then I got my first glimpse of the boys.


What happened?? They both walked out of there with the dreaded Little-boy Cut. Remember that Seinfeld episode? Their beautiful locks were hacked! I could have done better than that, I thought to my self and then complained out loud in the car, to which hubby replies, "Why don't you? Save us $30 and do what you want."

So, today, I did. For T anyway. He's the preppy one. R jumped up for a turn, but all we needed for her was an air-snip here and an air-snip there and she was thrilled.

J stayed across the street the whole time the scissors were out.

Happily, I now have another job description under my Mom name tag; Barber...or do I want Hairstylist....Ooh! or Cutter of Hair! Oh well, you get the idea. ;-)

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  1. Nice! Haha I am loving the air snip!

    The only hair I've ever cut was a guinea pigs hair (he needs a monthly trim), a poodle (that took forever, but he turned out looking nicer than what the groomers could do) and a buzz cut for my husband. That was the easiest, but it took long cuz he had a massive amount of hair.

    I've threatened to shave my cats when they're bratty though ;o)